Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Puck Rock

In a perfect world where I was programming Mtv the music selections would all be about...

(come on, what else is there?)

Alas, this ain't no perfect world. However, in the alternate hockey reality of this blog... Puck Rock Rules!

and always will...
  • Greatest Hits - Songs of Hockey
  • Forest & Crispian - The Goalie Song
  • Dale Hawerchuk
  • Big League - Tom Cochran
  • Here's Tom doing "Big League" live for a ESPN awards show...

    (it's the same with this one... if you have trouble with the video stopping & starting, pause it for a little bit and let the red video bar load about half-way, then play it)

    My search for the finest videos (actually any will do) in Puck Rock continues...

    Rock On!

    ...and on.

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