Thursday, September 14, 2006

Puck Toons

Old Time Hockey... Disney Style.

Hockey Homicide (1945)

Hockey Homicide” might be the most accurate and faithful recreation of the sport ever put on film.
Outside of “Slap Shot”, of course

The names of all the players are named after various members of the Disney production staff who worked on the film.

Referee - Scorer
Clean Game Kinney - Myron Nelson

Moose Roster - Pelican Roster
Kewpie Nichols - Zip Zinnen
Slugger Hannah - Tiger Adelquist
Swede Larson - Bullet Sibern
Catfish Nolley - Lightning Shaw
Ice Box Bertino - Fearless Ferguson
Moose Williams - Wildcat Karpe
Killer Kahl - Iron Pants Dunham
Hurricane Smith - Butch King
Terror Sibley - Bomber Nordberg
Jack Boyd - Speed Peed
Spike Riley - Dippy Dynan

"Here come Bertino and Ferguson out of the penalty box.... and there go Bertino and Ferguson back into the penalty box."

A true classic.


Jes Gőlbez said...

Great find! Gotta love that old time hockey ;)

oddmanrush said...

Thanks Jes,

Yep, you just gotta love it. Give me that old time hockey.