Monday, September 04, 2006

Apuckalyse Now

(yeah, I changed the original title upon suggestion)

This one's a homegrown music video done to the punk tune... Justifiable Fisticuffs by Street Dogs. It's a good one to slam dance with your "partner" to... as you'll see.

I'll give you just one guess as to what's it about.

This one goes out to my friends over at, especially the guys helping me (slapz) plan a hockey trip to Quebec this fall to see the running of the bulls... aaah, no, I mean the fighting of the bulls in the LNAH. Some (family & friends) I know are calling this trip of mine to... "the roughest hockey league in the world" simply a journey into hockey's heart of darkness. My wife (puck fan, expedition supporter, movie buff & comedian) has recently taken to calling it my Apuckalyse Now, this journey into a foreign land in search of the now bald little guy who once took on the best the NHL had to offer and more than held his own (at least he faired much, much better than the dude the "boogieman" layed out in that night club parking lot in Regina earlier this month, but I digress),... he's the one they referentially call... Mirasty ... the "Nasty". He's up there somewhere (Sorel ?). So yeah, I guess she's right, like Cpt. Willard heading up river in search of Kurtz in Apocalyse Now, maybe this is my Apuckalyse Now. My journey. But hey, so what, we all should take a journey now and then... it's healthy.

Pick your passion.

Anyways, ever since seeing the DVD Les Chiefs I've wanted to make a pilgrimage to this region to catch a Habs game, see the Quebec area and experience the LNAH. The primal, elemental and yes brutal ancient subculture of old time, small barn hockey that I grew up with back in the 60's and 70's with the old eastern leagues but whose style has faded from much of todays game.

CLICK the Pic ^

Yeah, it's one of my guilty pleasures. Everyone's got one, right ? At least one. Don't you?

Come on, I bet you do.

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