Monday, August 21, 2006

I Want My Hockey Mtv!

...OR as the case may be for my Canadian friends up north... I Want My Hockey Fuse TV. If they had a hockey show I think my personal choice for a host would have to be Juliya. I don't really think there's anyone out there that could top her. Although opinions I'm sure vary.

Anyways, it's not often nowadaze one finds a hockey themed music video, which as far as I'm concerned is a crying shame.... a crime actually in my parallel puck universe. This one I was lucky enough to come across is about that former NHL great Dale Hawerchuk. It's visual slap shot style and over-the-top puck wackiness earns it two enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Plus, it's got a good beat (more on that later). In a way I think it captures a large part of the essence of what being a fan of this crazy sport is all about. Friends, drinking and rough housing, right? OH yeah, and pucks. Well, it does for me anyways and for most of the hockey nuts I know, and since it's my blog...

...without further ado here's Dale Hawerchuk... the music video.

(after the opening credits there's about 20 seconds of black before the clip actually begins. Hang in there, it's worth it)

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it's not the greatest video since sliced bread (but close). I don't even know who it is performing it OR what the hell they're saying except... Dale Hawerchuk ...but it doesn't matter, it's got hockey in it, so in my world it rules. PLUS, the wife (yeah, I got lucky and married a puckhead. It's the ONLY way to go guys) and I found out we could crank it up, get a little crazy and slamdance to it, so as far as we're concerned it ... ROCKS!!!

Four thumbs up!

Wish I could speak French so I could understand it. If they're any french speaking fans that could tell me what they're saying about Dale Hawerchuk, it'd be greatly appreciated. I also wish there was more hockey video stuff like this being done and put out. Hopefully with the advent of YouTube and other video file share sites we will be seeing more.... soon.

If anybody knows of any more hockey music vids out there please let me know, I'd love to play them.

I Want My Hockey Mtv!

...or Fuse.

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