Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hockey Rinks as Huge Video Screens

You got to check this out. It's pretty crazy... but kind of cool.

With the way many of the NHL franchises continue to push the envelope with the high-tech video and light presentations at their rinks these days, this idea demonstrated in the video below, isn't all that far-fetched. No, we're not talking about glowing pucks here folks, we're talking about ........glowing ice.

The narrator is kind of a hoot in this too... "tragictory of the puck" ?

I don't see how it could work considering the ice gets all chewed up pretty fast after the start of each period and looses it's translucence AND the goalies would scream bloody murder saying it would distract them... BUT does show the direction things are headed with high-tech hockey game presentation in the 21st century.

Video hockey games looking more and more like real hockey games... Real hockey games looking more and more like video hockey games. Eventually I guess, the way things are headed... the two will merge.


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Super Cool