Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Unknown Enforcer... Identified

Finally, mystery solved. After more than a month of being on the run from a assault on a BC security guard the identity of the former NHL enforcer has been released. However, Sasha Lakovic, the accused, is still loose and on the run.
A former NHL tough guy, who has been charged in a high-profile assault in the Vernon Best Western Lodge, has yet to turn himself in.
On Aug. 8 a hotel security guard was attacked. A day later, police said a former professional hockey player was suspected in the assault but did not release his name - fuelling speculation in the media across the province as to the identity of the mystery player.
Police have now announced they've issued a warrant for ex-Calgary Flame and current Kelowna resident Sasha Lakovic, 35, and charged him with assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.
Vernon RCMP Cpl. Henry Proce said that police have yet to talk to Lakovic.
Proce said police have made attempts to contact him, but is unsure if they've gone and knocked on Lakovic's front door.
"He's aware police are looking for him," Proce said. "He's probably gone to whatever team has hired him for the season."
In early August a guest at the Vernon Best Western Lodge grabbed a security guard, pulled him into a room and punched him repeatedly in the face. Proce said the 43-year-old security guard suffered minor injuries, including a black eye.
Police said the beaten guard had gone to Lakovic's room twice to ask him to keep the noise down or he would be thrown out of the hotel. Lakovic's girlfriend and children were in the room with him, police said.
Lakovic spent parts of three seasons in the NHL with the Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils, racking up 118 penalty minutes in just 37 games.
Here's what I believe is Sasha's most famous NHL moment where he dives over the glass to get at a fan that had just dumped a brewski on Calgary assistant coach Guy Lapointe's head. Sounds like from the commentary that the obviously over served Edmonton fan had telegraphed this move from the first period. I believe Stevie Wonder could've seen this one coming.

Hmmmm, maybe the guy Sasha went after in that clip is now the security guard he nailed in BC last month. Enforcers have damaged but very looooooong memories of past slights and infractions... they never forget to settle accounts.

The police say they are unsure if they've gone and knocked on Lakovic's front door.
"He's aware police are looking for him," Proce said. "He's probably gone to whatever team has hired him for the season."
Gee guys, although I'm no professional police officer (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) two ideas immediately come to my mind as to how to locate him. Try knocking on his freakin door OR contact teams that might be interested in hiring him.

Feel free to contact the Oddman if you need any other pointers. I'm full of them.

Actually, come to think of it, friends and family have always said, I'm just full of it... period.

But, I got to tell ya, seriously, God Bless Canada, where for a minor assault they keep your name secret for months, then leave it up to you to come on in to the community sin bin... at your convenience. They don't even come knock on your door or check for you at work.... AND their national sport is Hockey.

It's the last civilized place on earth.


DanO said...

the man also has a website. maybe they can contact him through it as well, heh heh.

i always like Lakovic. growing up a Devils fan he was quite a spectacle. two instances immmediately come to mind about him:

*one time when he was in the minors there was bad blood brewing between the teams and Sasha skated in front of the opposing teams bench, got down on all fours and began barking at them.

*right before Lamoriello dispatched of his services, Lakovic was at a shopping mall with friends where there was a tank with dolphins swimming in it. on a bet he jumped into the water to swim around with them thus certifying his reputation as a full fledged lunatic.

oddmanrush said...


Thanks so much for the extra info and the post on our boy Sasha. Sounds like he's quite a character... as most enforcers are.

Anonymous said...

sasha does not have a girlfriend nor any children, that would be his brother greg...but good on you guys for the stupid information you fags.

Anonymous said...

Sasha is married with one son. I dont know if Greg is married or has kids. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Greg is married with two daughters.Sasha also has kids and I think one more on the way.These are nice guys dont let what you see on the internet fool you.I know them both and see them almost everyday.Greg has done nothing but help out our family and i respect him bigtime for it.They both still play hockey to some extent.

Anonymous said...

He's a dirt bag a bully who is part of crime wave in my community and the police just monitor. The exterior is of a guy who helps but at night he's a criminal enforcer "nothing changes". He should be in jail

Anonymous said...

Ok your right on that one lol

Anonymous said...

greg is a a criminal enforcer n he should be put in jail fuckin loser fagett ass bitchh every single one of them should be locked up lol hahhaha i cant believe they still out and about in canadda some where living a normal life till the night hits

Sasha "Pit-Bull" Lakovic said...

So it has bin a few years sins i have last beaten a hotel security guard threw the bathroom door of my hotel room,but what would you do if the guard had it out for you the minute he saw YOU walk to the hotel checkin desk?Give your name only for the lady to ask for your autograph!Having my son Drekalo along with me with some family friends away for the weekend and my Mother as we do almost every year on Kalamaca Lake!My friend Bill Woo who is now gone may his soul rest in piece i knew him from a young teenager in East Van and his whole family.His ski boat sits in front of my house in the Okanogan,his 2 kids gave me the boat saying it makes sense the boat stays with me. Bill Chinese and his wife Native American giving his children being multi cultured there were 3 kids in the room .Question answered yes?

Sasha "Pit-Bull" Lakovic said...

On the night of incident we were still all mourning the death of Key Woo ,Bills younger brother from a home envision gone bad in Surrey B.C.!GOD bless his soul.My hotel room had Bills kids and my son watching movies and doing nothing but maybe being tired from jet skiing as well as water skiing all day lying on the beds!"At least thats what i saw all day and in the room!"I was around the corner on the same floor i could see the kids from adult room to my room because of the box shaped hotel with indoor pool and balconies!So when the adults had to smoke we went down stairs out the back were day time smokers and employes go threw emergency mother and Bills wit could not even smoke a few puffs before the security came blasting out with badge in hand so to speak ,saying there is no smoking after a certain time it was only 11 pm on a weekend and there were other guest that were there before us just leaving.But with the attitude of the tuff Security law Man my mother and Bills wife put out the smoke and headed of without incident to the adult room . Mean while the kids were causing the hotel guest with some problems of kids jumping on the beds!lol ha ha ha in MY ROOM.After Bills son being Asian and part Native calls us room too room telling us Security man is calling my room to complain about noise.I look over from adult room to see them eating and watching TV.Bills son calls again warning us saying security guy called again shortly after to say he was coming up because he had another complaint about noise.Now let me just say that Bills Son is in Grade 12 owner role student and his daughter just as smart and kind and the world to Bill.He is on my best Dads list in the world,spending time with his kids and doing what every father should do on support and providing.So i walk over to see kids in my room waiting for this guy to arrive to tell him i hear a lot of noise up and down the hall in various rooms but its not mine.That did not matter to Security guy because when he knocked on the door he allowed him self to slightly barge his way in the room to see what was going on. Basically i don't know if anyone knows how much Native Indians go threw in racial back lash from the RCMP to the regular joe who thinks its ok for it in this World!So this Security Joe walks in looking around the room pointing at the kids saying to me. "IF THER IS ANY MORE POW WOW GOING ON IN HERE I WILL HAVE TO KICK YOU OUT" shall i say more you get the picture, if you don't i don't care if you want to meet up i am easy to find i am sure the RCMP will tell you that! and for all those other enforcers out there don't let Security Guards know who you are they are waiting to step it up Specially with kids around .