Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hockey Season Has Begun

In the parrallel puck universe of virtual reality hockey... the contest is on.

NHL 2K7 vs NHL 07
Combo Launch their new Hockey games
I'd like to take a moment to personally thank 2K and EA, for not putting us through the horror of posting two news items about the latest installments in their respective NHL series. Although we could have separated them, NHL 2K7 and NHL 07 were both released yesterday in the US, so we might as well save us some time here.

Here's a review of NHL 07.
As current-gen sports titles are devolving into budget titles, it's clear EA has its focus set squarely on its 360 hockey title. But even though NHL 07 looks and feels nearly identical to NHL 06, it remains a fun hockey game, if a bit on the arcade side.

The controls are tight, especially shooting. We would like to see the checking system tweaked a bit so players aren't so magnetic. Great puck physics make for exciting, organic goal scoring.

The Dynasty mode has nice depth but the online options are still not where they need to be for sports fans. The franchise's strength is still in a multiplayer game with you and a friend, head-to-head, like old-school NHL 94.

(crazy delicious gameplay?)

Here's a 2K7 review.
NHL 2K7 is the total package. The gameplay is solid and smooth even if it is still very similar to older titles in the franchise. Visually, 2K Sports harnesses the power of the 360, resulting in excellent animations, frame-rate and great-looking cutscenes. The new Cinemotion presentation, while not a giant leap forward, is a great touch that gives you the choice between TV broadcast and inspirational hockey movie. The dynamic score works well enough, although it could be a bit louder. The crowd noise is a bit of a disappointment and hurts the overall atmosphere. Online, 2K Sports continues to lead the pack with online leagues and franchises and stat tracking. While NHL 07 features an excellent gameplay innovation with the skill stick, NHL 2K7 is the most complete, all-around hockey title on the 360.
Although I'm fascinated by the new stick control system of NHL 07 my pick of the two would have to be NHL 2K7. I've played the other recent installments of this series and have had a blast... and I'm not even into video games nor am I what you'd call a traditional "gamer". Although I will "play" hurt, if your talkin old school definition of the word.

Here's another pretty good 2K7 preview.

If your looking for a really, really in-depth look at and a demonstration of NHL 07 and it's many innovations. This is it...

Game on...

...and on.


sens fan! said...

Picked up a copy of NHL 07 (for the 360), and I absolutely love it. It's pretty weird getting used to the new "Skill Stick", but it's wild when you get it.

And the graphics, in my opinion, blow the 2K series out of the water!

oddmanrush said...

Alright sens fan,

The skill stick does seem like a really coool inovation and from what I've seen for the trailers I'd agree with you on the graphics. What 2K7 does seems to trump NHL 07 with is it's depth of play and online play.

Game on.