Sunday, September 24, 2006

Super Stanley

The further adventures
of the world's cooolest trophy

"It's" in Stanley. Is it in you too?

Man, I don't know how he does it? Party's hard with the NHL Champs half the year, public appearances for the rest... and still he finds time to rescue damsels in distress. The greatest trophy in ALL SPORTS I tell you. Don't even think about debating it because...
"If you want greatness you've got to do whatever it takes."
Stan the man
...and Stanley does whatever it takes... and more.

He Always Has

The evil cup (on the left side of the picture above) that throws Veronica off the building looks vaguely familiar ...but I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's the mustache.

Nnnaaaaah, it couldn't be.

Could it? Cup envy is a very powerful motive that has driven a lot of sport trophy's to try and become #1... by whatever means necessary.

All have failed, just like this one will.

Loooong live the King!

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