Thursday, September 22, 2005

Screen Shots

Mike Ricci Movie Star

Aaaah, well, not quite a star... but kind of.

Ricci and fellow NHL'ers Ian Laperriere, Sean Avery, Vincent Lecavalier and Stephane Quintal were all player/actors in a movie recently shot about the life of Rocket Richard.

No, unfortunately Mike didn't play the "Rocket".
"...I was Elmer Lach, Rocket's centreman," Ricci said. "This was during the summer. I did a couple of days in early July and 10 days at the end of July."
The first filming was done in Montreal, then the crew moved to Quebec City to do the hockey scenes.

The movie, which chronicles the life of Maurice "Rocket" Richard, is scheduled to open in theatres in Quebec this winter.
I hope it's a good one because there hasn't been a lot of great hockey films made over the years like there has been with other sports. Which brings me to:

Oddmanrush's All-time Favorite Hockey Movies.

Slap Shot

Les Chiefs


Mystery, Alaska

The Rhino Brothers

Have I left any of your favorites out ???

Then there's these Lost Hockey Movie Classics that can be real hard to come by but are worth the effort.

There's also a new Hockey movie coming out that will be screened at the Calgary International Film Festival next week called "When Hockey Comes To Belfast".
The film portrays hockey in Belfast as a forum that is "bringing Northern Irish youth together in a shared love of the game, the rink gives boys and girls a haven from the turf warfare that pervades their lives."

The film documents the secret friendship of Paul and Andrew, one a Catholic the other a Protestant, and their love for the local team: the Belfast Giants. It also highlights how the Belfast Giants team stands as a symbol of hope in the community and the hockey arena as a freindly and religion-free zone for everyone.
The Belfast Giants incidentally is the team Theo Fleury is playing for this year.

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