Sunday, September 18, 2005

In Other Hockey News... Out There.

Mr. Hockey still dishing out assists
...and living life large.

Famous Game Show Host "Loves" Hockey
...and the answer is ?

The Long Lost Captain
...some grudges just NEVER end.

The Battle in Pitt. to be Sidney's Bodyguard appears to be a wide open 3 way "fight".

NHL Imposter Nabbed
...they should hand this guy over to the guys battling in Pitt.
UPDATE: Real NHLer's come to the rescue.

Coed Hockey Locker rooms
...what is the world coming to?

aaah, don't bother answering that, I think I already know.


Anonymous said...

You should pop your links to new windows.

br. t. said...

Great suggestion! If I only knew how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.