Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Big Snake

I just couldn't pass up a story on a player with one of the coolest names in all of Hockey... Robin Big Snake... who like many other young men this time of the year is following his dream and trying to make it in the NHL.
The Canadian native is half-Cree, half-Blackfoot, but all hockey player.

Big Snake hails from the Siksika Nation, a small band an hour east of Calgary of about 4,200 people.

"There's a lot of talent up there that hasn't been looked at, really. I think in a few years, you'll see more Native players coming into the leagues."
Being a 21st century kind of guy he even has his own Web site - www.robinbigsnake.com - that includes a bio, stats, a chronology of all 74 of his fights in the WHL and OHL, video of selected fights, interviews and photos.
Big Snakes' usual role is one that the Wings have been lacking in the recent years - an enforcer and physical presence to dissuade opponents from taking too many shots at their forwards.

"I'm not afraid to stick up to anybody," he said.

"I used to skate on the ponds as a little kid and visualize and pretend I was scoring an overtime goal," Big Snake said. "Now it's a reality and I just have to make it come true."

Good Luck Big Snake.


Jes Gőlbez said...

Hey, nice find!!

I remember BigSnake when he was here in Vancouver. He whined his way out of town b/c he thought he was a scorer (the same disease that allflicted Brashear and McCarthy), but he could fight! I know Kassian put the fear into opponents, but I never saw him beat the tar out of folks like BigSnake could...please he has the awesome name. I'm pulling for him, just to see his name on an NHL sweater for one game.
He certainly provided some great moments for the Giants.

Jes Gőlbez said...

err, that should say 'plus he has the awesome name'


br. t. said...

Thanks Jes, I doubt Big Snake has much of a chance but it sure would be great to see that name on the back of a NHL jersey someday. By the way I love your blog Hockey Rants, you do great work, keep it up.

Gnosis said...

I've met Robin when he played here in Owen Sound last year and I think he has a real shot at the NHL.

When Robin wants to score, he can dominate the ice. I honestly believe he just has to have the right line for him to play with to make him truly effective.

Great guy, hell of a fighter and glad to be one of his biggest fans