Thursday, September 08, 2005

NHL Video Game Season Begins

Not only is the NHL season almost upon us... the NHL video game season already has arrived.
While the puck won't drop on the first regular season NHL games in 18 months until October 5, the first video games of the year are already facing off.

2K Sports' NHL 2K6 and EA Sports' NHL 06 arrive in stores today complete with the new rules changes and the annual batch of tweaks and revamps. To this end, EA's introducing the skill stick feature, which lets marquee players pull off trick shots and dekes, while 2K Games adds an icon-based passing system and on-the-fly play calling to its game.

I'm amazed at the continued evolution of these Hockey games. Last year I just couldn't pass up the chance to check out the 2K series and I was blown away by how much fun and realism they've been able to incorporate into the game. At less than $20.00 I'll be sure to try out the latest installment.

Here's a early review of NHL2K6 and here's a look at EA's NHL 06.

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