Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hockey Reality Show

It's a Canadian TV show called "Making the Cut". It's kind of like American Idol... only in this case it's for aspiring Hockey stars.

Reality TV Show Is All About Making The Cut
The premise around Making The Cut is simple: You get players who never made it to the NHL to compete for one of six invitations to attend a training camp for one of Canada’s six NHL teams.
...That happened last summer when 4,000 NHL wannabes attended seven tryout camps scattered across Canada. The players came in all ages, all sizes and all walks of life. There was a man from Manitoba who used to have Ed Belfour as his back-up goalie in junior hockey. Another participant quit major junior hockey in his draft year to care for his dying mother and Making The Cut was his way of finding out whether he has the right stuff to play pro hockey.

From the 4,000 who tried out originally these 6 emerged with a chance to now realize their NHL dreams.
On Dec. 14, 2004, with 18 finalists remaining, the six Canadian NHL teams each awarded one player a training camp invitation.
Jordan Little (Edmonton Oilers), Michael Mole (Ottawa Senators), Dominic Noel (Toronto Maple Leafs), James Demone (Vancouver Canucks), Matt Hubbauer (Calgary Flames) and Kevin Lavallee (Montreal Canadiens).
Good Luck boys!

How come Canada has all the cool TV shows?

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