Monday, September 26, 2005

Habitat for Hockey

Hockey-Friendliest U.S. Cities
1. New York, NY (51) Home of the New York Rangers
2. Denver, CO (42) Home of the Colorado Avalanche
3. St. Louis, MO (32) Home of the St. Louis Blues
4. (tie) Pittsburgh, PA (30) Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins
St. Paul, MN (30) Home of the Minnesota Wild
6. Philadelphia, PA (26) Home of the Philadelphia Flyers
7. (tie) Nashville, TN (21) Home of the Nashville Predators
Columbus, OH (21) Home of the Columbus Blue Jackets
9. (tie) Anaheim, CA (20) Home of the Mighty Ducks
Buffalo, NY (20) Home of the Buffalo Sabres
Huh, Nashville 7th friendliest city for hockey in America. Gee, who knew?

Nice to see Colorado up there near the top, that figures. Funny, I don't see Hockeytown anywhere on there. They must be way down on the list somewhere, that figures too.

Meanwhile in other news:

This just in, another sign that the apocalypse is almost upon us has been spotted >>> X

I hope we get this Hockey season in before it really hits. I'd hate to miss another one. Cancelled due to apocalypse. Man, that would be a bummer.

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