Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Man, what can you say about the guy except...what a player... what a career... what memories.

He may have won 5 Cups with Edmonton but for me it's that 1 Cup he captained New York to in 1994 that I and I think history will always remember him for. Kind of the same way Curt Schilling now will always be indelibly linked to Boston's World Series victory that ended their infamous drought.

Here's EJ Hradek's Top 3 Messier Moments
He could have come back for another season. He could have come back to break Gordie Howe's record for most games played. He only needed to skate in 11 more games to equal the mark. But Messier has never really been about individual records. He said as much on his retirement conference call. Instead, No. 11 exits a symbolic 11 games behind Mr. Hockey. That's probably how it should be.
That was a class move on Mark's part.

Fans may disagree on the Top 3 Messier moments but I think we can all agree that >>> this <<< is one of the stranger Mark Messier post-game locker room celebration photos that you'll ever find. Hmmm, he's got one hand on a beer that's easy to see but I can't tell where his other hand is... and I'm not sure I want to know.


Jeremy said...

This one's not as surreal, but certainly in the same spirit:

Anonymous said...

Great pic Jeremy, thanks for sharing.

br. t. said...

Yes, great pic Jeremy. Thanks for posting.