Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Joy Puck Club

Some of this weeks action from the Wide World of Hockey Blogs

It was another active week for hockey bloggers out there as we near the start of the season. Exactly 9 days 22 hours and 39 minutes as of when I'm writing this according to James Mirtle's handy little countdown meter on his site. (underneath his About Me)

Here's just a few of the many highlights from this past week.

- Mike Chen had server issues earlier in the week but he was back up with his take on the Ad flap.

- [so.very.obsessed]
hit their 700th post... Congratulations!

- Over at Hockey Rants Jes Golbez gives us some "Sleeper Picks" for the upcoming season, oops I mean pics.

- The aforementioned James Mirtle also has a mini roundup of the week worth checking out.

- Steven Ovadia at Puck Update chipped in with some advertising slogans the NHL should've used.

- Matt (south) at Battle of Alberta challenged anyone to comment on his parenting skills. No one has except to praise. His partner sacamano (north) posted a interesting link of the ferocious beat down administered by Georges Laraque on Brantt Myhres.

- Mike W. over at Covered in Oil was busy this week releasing his latest cartoon installment of "Gone but not forgotten" and telling Vancouver fans what they could do to his posterior.

- The Puck Stops Here came out with their 2005/06 predictions and analysis of the Atlantic Division.

- Andy over at Sports Matter (I couldn't agree more) has a interesting post called Hockey: Canada's Conservative Religion worth checking out.

- Finally and certainly not least the great Tom Benjamin celebrated 2 years of blogging this week. Tom is the King of Hockey Blogdom as far as I'm concerned and I encourage everyone to stop by and congratulate him. While your there check out any of Tom's excellent posts. You can't go wrong. Tell him omr sent you.

Well that's just a brief recap, things should continue to heat up in the coming weeks as the season gets closer and closer. See you next Sunday with The Joy Puck Club. Till then, Happy Hockey and remember... Support your Hockey Bloggers.

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