Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In one of the oddest pickups by a NHL team this off-season the Colorado Avalanche acquired Brad May formerly of Vancouver. May you might remember was a central figure in the ugly Bertuzzi - Moore incident, he's the one who called for a bounty on Moore's head following his hard but legal check on Naslund. We all know what transpired next. May and Bertuzzi are now defendants in a lawsuit Moore has filed in Denver seeking damages for his injuries. May will now wear a Avalanche uniform on the ice at the Pepsi Center and we'll find out if he's accepted or rejected by the Colorado fans (I'm guessing accepted).
"I played for a lot of years in this league with integrity and honor,'' said May, who has spent most of his 13 years as an enforcer for the Sabres, Canucks and Coyotes. "I'm proud to be who I am. I don't feel bad. But I feel the whole situation is regrettable."
Captain Joe Sakic had this to say about his new teammate:
"I've said it before, I feel bad for what happened to Steve but Brad's not the one who did it. I'm sure he feels bad for what happened.''
Many in Denver have questioned the signing of May and quite a few view it as a slap in the face to Moore and to the fans. However it ends up being received it sure is a odd twist to one of the nastiest events in NHL history.

One Denver newspaper columnist has focused his ire quite a bit on this whole Brad May/Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore situation and you can find his latest take on it >>> here.

Meanwhile up in Vancouver things seem to be going pretty well for Todd.
Bertuzzi has returned to an environment where he feels safe and supported. For him, being back in a dressing room with his teammates is like a wolf returning to the safety of the pack.

"It's nice to be back in that atmosphere," said Bertuzzi, who wore a Philadelphia Eagles jersey with Terrell Owens name and number on it
Hmmm, I wonder how things are going in Steve Moore's World?

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