Thursday, September 22, 2005

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Winger

Great line to describe Tkachuk don't you think? I wish I had come up with it but I didn't. Glen Trainor writing for Beer League Hockey used it in his piece on the suspension of Tkachuk or as he calls him...

(he) showed up out of shape and 30 lbs heavier than last season's weight. Par for the course if you're talking about men's rec hockey, a couple of guys on my team showed up heavier than last year too. But in the NHL you don't strut around the dressing room rubbing your belly bragging about the beer-filled summer you just had.

...the issue here isn't with the team as Murray would lead you to believe. The issue is with the attitude of a professional.

He showed up to training camp at 260. He weighed 231 pounds in 2003-04.
260. Thats not the weight of a winger. Thats the weight of a defensive end.
You'd think someone making as much money as Keith Tkachuk would take the start of this newly revamped and very important NHL season just a little bit more seriously... wouldn't you?

I would.

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