Friday, August 04, 2006

Top 10 NHL nicknames...

of the pre-expansion era.

This particular Top 10 listing of nicks is brought to you by Tom Layberger of Sports Illustrated.

My personal favorite...

Alf Pike

"The Embalmer"

Pike's nickname was to be taken literally: he was a licensed mortician. He played six seasons with the Rangers and was a rookie on the 1939-40 squad that won the Stanley Cup. It was Pike's OT winner that downed Toronto in Game 1. He eventually turned to coaching and went behind the Blueshirts' bench during the '59-60 season, a post he maintained only through the following year. Many players considered Pike, who turns 89 in September, too nice to be a coach

Here's some that were left off that I would've included...
Punch (George Imlach)
Dipsy Doodle Dandy (Max Bentley)
Toe (Hector Blake)
One Eyed Frank (Frank McGee)
Red Light (Andre Racicot, a goalie)
Boom Boom (Bernie Geoffrion)
King (Francis Clancy)

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