Friday, August 11, 2006


I grew up in upstate New York not too far from the Canadian border and Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC was a weekly experience that I couldn't begin to put a value on as to what it meant to me and to my life-long love affair with Hockey. Priceless is as close as I can get to a estimate.

Bell Globemedia however has come up with a slightly different figure in a effort to grab it away from the CBC... a $1.4 Billion dollar figure to be precise.
The Toronto Globe and Mail reported today that Bell Globemedia is likely to offer a bid to Hockey Night in Canada worth $1.4 billion over ten years.

The CBC's rights for Hockey Night in Canada will expire at the end of the 2007-2008 NHL season. Hockey Night in Canada has been airing on CBC since 1952.

The Globe and Mail reported that Bell Globemedia would offer $140 million a year for ten years. The deal would include Canadian English-language broadcast rights, cable rights, French-language rights and ownership of Internet streaming.
I'd hate to see the CBC lose Hockey Night but with all that money being offered that looks to become a likely possibility.

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