Friday, August 04, 2006

Beer League

A great TV Show about Hockey
that doesn't exist.......................... YET.

But as Grant Nolin explains, with your help with his petition drive, it could happen....

Check out his pilot episode, it's really quite good.

(double click the pic to play this particular clip)
"If you like it, sign it and tell us what you think of it. If you don't like it, and shows about swearing and farting (and hockey) aren't your bag, we suggest you go rent the extended version of The English Patient, 'cause you're probably not our viewer."

Grant Nolin, Director

So, what are you waiting for ???

Sign >>> the petition.

  • Real hockey. No chimps A Canuck show aims to capture our game's sweaty essence But networks aren't biting, so the creator is pitching it online

    So what makes Beer League different from all previous attempts to put hockey on film?

    The secret, Nolin says, is that he's not using actors, but hockey players who can act.

    "I think I worked the lights on some play in high school once," says cast member Brandon Gallagher of his acting experience. "But I was born and raised on Slap Shot. I think Grant wants real hockey guys so their passion comes through."

    And Gallagher is a real hockey guy, all right. The life-time beer leaguer has a tattoo on his back of the Tasmanian Devil holding two hockey pucks for his favourite teams: the Boston Bruins and the Unionville Jets, for which he once played.

    The characters are based on the prototypical players on a real beer league team. There's the meathead, the mouthpiece, the flaky goalie, and the weirdo who won't shower with the team. Steve Major, who plays the lead and is a civil lawyer by day, says the similarities between the hockey-mad cast and their characters aren't hard to pick out.

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