Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Project Runway... for Puck Bunnies?

Looks like there's a trend developing by many of the NHL apparel manufactures to provide more fashionable (and yes, sexier) items for female fans to wear.
"What's happened in the licensed category is a significant increase in items that are not necessarily athletic, but a fashion item," said Ross McCracken, director of league partnerships at Reebok's Montreal office.
Oddly enough, hockey's new pastel tinge -- the jerseys will also be available in pale blue -- is because the NHL is getting more aggressive about marketing and is targeting the estimated 40 per cent of hockey fans who are women.
Tia Carrera (apparently a Leafs fan) models a design I certainly hope is one of the ones to be offered....

Hmmm, now what's that word Tia is making me think of? Oh yeah, now I remember...

Well, yes indeed, that little number certainly did look smashing on Tia and like I said, I hope (and pray) it's what the designers have in mind for the new apparel. Certainly it's much more flattering than those bulky traditional jerseys. All the puck bunnies out there must be getting very, very excited about these latest hockey fashion developments. As a puck bunny watcher I know I am.


Anonymous said...

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goes along with your puck slut talk

Anonymous said...

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