Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Hockey

Shawn P. Roarke writing for thinks the NHL, it's fans and it's teams have much to be thankful for on this holiday. I agree.
Most important, we should all give thanks that we have the game we love, being played at its highest possible level, back for our enjoyment. It wasn't easy and it wasn't very pretty, but somehow the league bosses and the players found a compromise that allowed the NHL to pick itself up off the mat and return with a vengeance.
Check out what he thinks each team in the league should be grateful for this season.

Here's a sample:
Calgary Flames Character. This team has more stand-up guys than any other club in the league. Iginla, Donovan, Reinprecht, Yelle, Ference, McCarty, Regehr, Warrener are just a handful of the class acts coach Darryl Sutter can call upon to set an example or solve a problem. The quiet confidence this group has, as a whole, carried the team throughout last year's playoff run and is a testament to the franchise and the city in which they play.
I couldn't agree more with that assessment.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving everyone... and thanks for visiting my site, I'm very grateful.

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