Friday, November 11, 2005

Ire of the Tiger

The New NHL has him all bent out of shape

Tiger Williams expresses his opinions as powerfully and eloquently as you'd expect the All-Time Penalty Leader in NHL history would. As far as the New NHL goes... I think if he could he'd just as soon smack it upside the head and have it carted off the ice unconscious never to return. In other words, the same old Tiger we know and love.
"They can sell this (garbage) to anyone else, not me," said the longtime Maple Leaf before playing in last night's Canada/Russia Legends game at the 'Dome.

"They're going to kill all the goalies and most of the good defencemen. And some snot-nosed little (punk) that isn't going to break a nail is going to score 50 goals and he's never driven to the net in his life. He's never stood in front of the net with Moose Dupont giving him 89 cross checks in the back of the head."

...."Whether crosschecking a guy in front of the net like we did was right or wrong the guys in this room played through that. And now to have today's players score 400 goals in a no-touch pond hockey league is garbage. Getting in another guy's face is part of the character of the game."

..."It's amazing that some little punk in New York has that much power and all of Canada is just full of followers. Every scout, colour guy and everyone who wants a job in the league one day are all marching to the same beat. What's so disappointing is there hasn't been one guy in the media who has said one bad thing about it. Either you're all stupid or you all lost your (guts) at the same time."

Like I said, same old Tiger. He lands some solid shots against the New NHL to say the least but I have to wonder though... 89 cross checks to the head by Moose ?

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