Friday, November 04, 2005

Puck Legends Traveling Ice Show

A nostalgic trip back into hockey yesteryear

For many people this tour brings back fond memories of possibly the greatest international competitions ever held.
Russ Fast made sure he didn't miss another opportunity to see a Canada-Russia rivalry on ice.

Fast drove an hour to Winnipeg from Steinbach, Man., Wednesday night with his 11-year-old son, Sam, to take in the first game of the inaugural Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Classic Tour. The five-game, cross-Canada charity series is celebrating three decades of hockey with a Canada vs. Russia theme.
I know I'm dating myself but I too have vivid memories of those series especially the one in 72 which featured I think some of the greatest hockey ever played.


FINALLY... now you can do something really useful with the damn things... PLAY HOCKEY !
Boasting more robust art and vivid animation, as well as incredible gameplay improvements, NHL 5-on-5 2006 features all 30 NHL teams with strengths and weaknesses mirroring their real-life counterparts. Reminiscent of console classics, NHL 5-on-5 2006 offers full season mode, including the playoffs as well as the Stanley Cup Finals, and the mobile game also allows players to download updated lineups reflecting information on player movement and team improvements.
"The superior animation and noticeably detailed gameplay movements mirror the characters' real-life NHL player counterparts, and we are proud that the NHL players are presented in such an impressively realistic manner," stated Ted Saskin, Executive Director of the NHL Players Association.


I'm sure you've all been quite concerned about this serious problem plaguing sports at the moment (dripping sarcasm). Well as far as it being a issue in Hockey... you can relax, it's NOT one.
Everywhere I've been, we've always had it (the rule): You go into the rink, you wear a suit, Taylor said. It's just protocol. That's how we do things in hockey. For the most part, it's like that everywhere.
and what about too much "bling" in Hockey ?
As for players wearing jewelry, that's something that hasn't come up during Taylor's coaching days. Gold chains are apparently foreign in hockey culture, as opposed to basketball.
I left mine at home, actually, Christiansen joked. No, that definitely is not part of the culture.
OK... Great... I'm glad everybody in Hockey is already onboard with the program and are dressed for success because success is coming their way and they better be ready for their close-up.


Hockey mom tossed... for being too aggressive.
Her son hasn't been hurt by a bodycheck, but she said she wanted him to learn how to take and deliver a body check to help him prevent injuries in the future.

Fellow hockey parents are applauding Nychuk-Jensen's efforts.

"I have always seen her as a proactive mother looking for the best interest of all her children," says Karen Ackerman.
And that is... As the Hockey World turns... for Nov. 4, 2005

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