Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Ten Commandments

Hockey of the Holy

On this most spiritual day of the week let us not only give thanks and praise for our wonderful bounty of pucks but also let us take a moment to contemplate and reflect upon the sacred wit and wisdom of one of Hockeys' holiest scriptures.

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and be saved
my brothers and sisters.

This one's a favorite of mine:
IV: Thou shalt not have disruptive electronic communicative devices at your seat during a hockey game

What could be more important than a hockey game? Your child is sick? NO. Your grandmother just died? NO. You just lost your job because you called in sick again to see the game? NO. So leave them in the car where they belong.
So, on this the Lord's day take a moment to pause and reflect on the sacred commandments of his most favorite sport and then go forth my children and spread the gospel of Hockey.


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