Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cheating Death in the NHL

It's happened before

The Jiri Fischer incident the other night wasn't the first time a NHL player cheated death while on the ice playing. Suprisingly there's actually been quite a few near death experiences during NHL games over the years.
They've all cheated death on the NHL ice. They are all alive and well today thanks to the lightning-quick response of medical teams as well as some lady luck.
...this was not the first time the NHL has been gripped by a real-life medical drama and it probably won't be the last. NHL players are elite athletes, but they are also humans and things happen.
The only other encounters I'm aware of that players over the years have had with the Grim Reaper were with Stu Grimson the "official" Grim Reaper of the NHL and many of those I'm sure also ended up being near death experiences.

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  • As long as the league is dumping salary I'd like to help them out by allowing them to dump some of it my way. Just trying to do my part.

    Hockey Joke of the Day:
    Why is the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto?
    It's the only way Leafs fans can get to see the Stanley Cup!

    Hey, it's just a joke Leaf fans... Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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