Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Fantasy Top 50

NHL's BEST Players in Fantasy League Play

Some people now days are paying more attention to Fantasy League action than NHL action and want to know who the best performers are for their teams in their fantasy pools. So here's a look at that the top players in that "other" league that's so popular. You'll notice lots of new names on this list that we didn't see the last time the NHL played a season.
As we head into Week 5 of the NHL season, this top 50 list is in major flux. First of all, I could easily list about nine Senators (though there are actually only five), since it seems like every forward on their team has scored four goals in a game at some point this year (Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson and Martin Havlat actually have). The Oilers are also riding a hot streak, having won five consecutive games. And the Sharks, after a horrible start and the loss of their top two goalies, Evgeni Nabakov and Vesa Toskala, to injuries, turned to a rookie goaltender, the No. 49 man on this list, who has done nothing but go 5-1 in the Sharks' last 6 games.

You gotta love the new NHL. Who whoulda thunk it?
ME! I thunk it.


Hey, don't laugh with global warming melting the polar ice caps like crazy maybe this could be the hockey wave (no pun intended) of the future.

"It looks like a feeding frenzy; like a shark is attacking them," Jeckell said. "From up top, it looks like chaos."

Underwater, participants are armed with a one-foot, wooden stick shaped like a hook. The stick is used to bat around a puck as players push, shove and lunge along the bottom of the pool, midway between the shallow and deep ends.

Gender and physique do not matter with water acting as the great equalizer.

"We have a 70-year-old man who comes down from Canada each year to play with us, and he does just fine," 18-year-old club President Mark Mullersman said. "Some of the best players in the world aren't in fit shape. It's just everyone brings their own aspect to the game."
I was surprised to learn the sport dates back to the 1950's and is played internationally. Huh, learn something new everyday I guess.


Last but not least here's a great idea for all our female readers particularlly those up north that will be trying to stay warm while enjoying hockey games.... or anything else this winter.

Microwaveable Bras, what will they think of next?

... electric jocks?

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