Friday, November 11, 2005

NHL 2K6 XBOX360 Preview

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and check out the next step in Hockey Video Gaming.
"Just like the NHL ushered in a new era for its sport, the Xbox 360 is prepared to user in a new era in video games. In a little more than a week, gamers will be flocking to retailers to pick up the latest and greatest console, and will be lookin’ for those killer launch titles as well. One of those titles, especially if you’re a hockey fan, will be the next-gen version of NHL 2K6."


Bryan said...

that looks good but, not that good

br. t. said...

I'll have play it for myself before really passing judgement but like yourself bryan I was expecting a little more. It's tough however to tell just from screen shots so we'll have to wait and see.

NHL 2K6 is a exellent game in my opinion and hopefully the gameplay and experience will be even better on the 360.

d-lee said...

I am one of the lucky winners of one of those consoles ... from a Mountain Dew contest.
I went to check out the demo of NHL2K6 for the Xbox360 yesterday, and I'm truthfully not that impressed. It doesn't look that much better than the other platforms.
BUT there were demos of some other games, and they looked really good.

Either way, I'm buying NHL2K6 as soon as my machine gets here. Games will be like $60, though.

br. t. said...

We probably won't see what the 360 really can do until the 2K7 installment. NHL 2K6 was designed for the regular xbox and for the most part is simply being transfered over to the 360... NHL 2K7 however will be designed from the begining for the 360 in mind and should really be able to show off the full capabilities of the system.