Saturday, October 08, 2005

Prophet sharing... and other stuff

Want to know who the first coach to be fired will be, how many points Sidney Crosby will score this season or what team won't be as bad as you think? Well this guy here seems to think he knows....
unlike all the other pundits who think there are too many variables to accurately predict what will happen this season, I've got it all figured out. Now I'm going to share it with you.
And when these things come true -- and they will -- please remember where you first read it
Aaaah, like I said he seems to think he knows.

Meanwhile in Minnesota the Gov. (not Jesse the body Ventura) used a word that rhymes with puck to lead the crowd in a cheer on opening night
It was the governor's tripping over the word "puck" that provoked the snickers. Instead of telling people to drop the puck, he used a very similar-sounding word that made him sound more like Tony Soprano than his usual smooth-talking self.

Some people don't like that "Thank You Fans" slogan the NHL has put on the ice. They want to know... Thanks for what?
Although it's good to have the NHL back playing, it's difficult to forgive and forget.
Seeing the message "Thank you fans" painted underneath the ice at Joe Louis Arena Wednesday night sent a twinge of anger up my spine.
In another sign of Hockey's continued world wide growth, popularity and health the Corpus Christi Rays of the CHL have added a Mexican born player to their training camp roster. If Brian Baxter Arroyo-Lopez makes the team he will become the first Mexican born athlete to play professional hockey in North America.

Rayz General Manager/Senior Vice President Larry Linde said...
“When you consider how well hockey has been received in South Texas it makes sense to try and extend it south of the border. Our Hispanic fan-base is passionate, knowledgeable and excited about Rayz hockey.
Rayz Head Coach Ken McRae added...
“He’s got good size and some international experience. The scouting report on him is that he skates extremely well and can handle the puck. I’m curious to see what he’s all about. The pro game is a different game than what he’s used to but he’ll have every opportunity to make our club.”
Pretty cool... que no? Odd Man Rush extends best wishes for success to Arroyo-Lopez.

Finally here's your NHL game recaps from last night (10-7-05). It was another exciting night of Hockey, the third one in a row... the streak continues.

Will it ever end?

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