Saturday, October 22, 2005

Greek Tragedy on Ice

Act II

The drama continues tonight in Vancouver as Bert and the Av's meet for the first time since the opening act and the unfortunate events of March 8, 2004. High drama indeed as the Av's enter from stage right, not quite the kind of drama the new NHL wants... but it's there nevertheless.
Fans are bracing for war and the league is watching through a microscope, which almost always means that nothing explosive will happen. But it's a stop-traffic game just the same - even if the participants don't want to admit it.
I agree in that I don't expect much to happen tonight except hopefully a GREAT game between high-flying divisional rivals. This is a very important game for the Av's they need to win it so as not to let Vancouver get too far out ahead of them early here in the season. However the game next week in Denver could be a totally different matter all together. See you then for... Act III ... and more high drama.

A Song for Ace

When I'm in the mood for some kick-ass Celtic Punk Pub-Rock played loud with bagpipes (who isn't from time to time) I turn to the Dropkick Murphys from Boston, Mass. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a song paying tribute to former Bruin and fan favorite Ace Bailey on their new CD.
The Boston-based Murphys--vocalist Al Barr, bassist Ken Casey, drummer Matt Kelly, guitarists James Lynch, guitarist/pianist Marc Orrell, multi-instrumentalist Tim Brennan and bagpiper Scruffy Wallace--lift their pints of Guinness in honor of several warriors on their fifth studio release.

"Your Spirit's Alive" pays tribute to two hometown hockey heroes, Boston Bruins-great Garnet "Ace" Bailey and Boston University-standout Mark Bavis, both of whom died in the crash of United Airlines flight 175 on Sept. 11, 2001.

... The reason we mentioned Ace Bailey on "Your Spirit's Alive" was, for one, the guy was on the Bruins' Stanley Cup-winning teams in 1970 and '72. He then went on to play for the Detroit Red Wings and a few others before retiring in 1981 and becoming a scout. He earned seven Stanley Cup rings both on and off the ice. That's the kind of guy that deserves a song, or at least a mention, wouldn't you think?
Yeah... I totally agree.

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