Sunday, October 16, 2005

Giants get their Leprechaun

Belfast Hit by a Fleury of Hockey Action

Finally after having to sit out the start of the season Canada's Little Big Man Theo Fleury took the ice for the Belfast Giants and the results were.... GIANT.

3 goals, 4 assists, 1 fight, a brawl and 1 arena full of delighted Irish Hockey fans.

The Theo Show Opens
The Odyssey crowd cheered his every move, waving their Canadian flags wildly as the game went on.

The chant of "Theo!, Theo!" rang around the arena. It was that sort of memorable night.

"It's been about seven months since I've played a game and it was fun to go out there," smiled Fleury.

"It was a big night for the hockey club and for the supporters and everywhere I've played throughout my career I've always been able to rise to the occasion. I heard the fans and it's nice to be appreciated. I thought everyone played well," said Fleury.
I guess it kind of figures Theo's long strange Hockey Odyssey through the Wide World of Hockey would find our hero stopping over in war-torn Northern Ireland and playing at a home rink called... Odyssey. Here's more rave reviews.

Son of Slap Shot

Since were talking Irish Hockey, Christian Hanson the son of Dave Hanson of "Slap Shot" fame will attend Notre Dame this year with hopes of turning that programs fortunes around. Hmmmm, I guess it figures the son of one of the infamous Hanson Bros. would end up playing for the "Fighting" Irish.

The Other NHL

Yes folks, thats right, there's another one. The Native Hockey League or as they call it up north... The Little NHL.
Thirty-five years ago, a small group of native bands came together and created the Little NHL Hockey Tournament so aboriginal youth could get a
chance to showcase their skills on a national level.

For these aboriginal children, the tournament became their voice in the world of hockey.

And it continues today, stronger than ever.
Many current NHLer's have played in the "other" NHL including San Jose Sharks star Jonathan Cheechoo.

NHL GAME RECAPS for 10-15-05

1986-87 - 7.4 - The Golden Era
2003-04 - 5.1 - The Dead Puck Era
10/15/5 - 5.09 - Last night's games

One day after entering Golden Era territory with a 7.6 GPG league scoring dips into Dead Puck Era territory with a 5.09 GPG. Such is the wild scoring swings that fans will experience in the New NHL as all the kinks are worked out of the new operating system thats just been installed. It will be a little "buggy" for awhile I imagine.


Anonymous said...

Was at the game..Fleury was amazing. Surpassed the crowds expectations !
Photos of the night can be found here: Photos of the night can be found here:

Kingdom of the Giants

br. t. said...

Hey, thanks for the photos link. It must've been a real fun game to attend. I'll try and update Theo's adventures on the Green Isle as they continue. Good luck to the team and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

can now listen to all the Belfast Giants homegames (featuring Theo Fleury) live.

More information is available on their site: