Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Return of the Prodigal Son

Tonight the "Great One" comes back to where it all started.
Gretzky is still revered in Edmonton, where he led a group of free-wheeling youngsters in a dizzying offensive overhaul of the game before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988.

And it may be a bit surreal for the Coyotes to travel along Wayne Gretzky Drive to what's now Rexall Place, where the Great One performed magic for years. They have to pass the bronze statue of a much younger Gretzky hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head - a feat he repeated four times in Edmonton but never anywhere else.

A Night at the Rink

My favorite hockey writer/TV talking head took in a recent Philly - Pitt game and here's his entertaining take on the new NHL.
The game is fast. Up and down. At times, it almost looked like an All-Star Game, and that is not good. They need to find a way to keep the battle in the game without taking away the speed and stickhandling. Mickey was skeptical. He said he enjoyed the territorial game but didn't embrace the new flow.

I had no cup-holders in my seat. I was shocked -- $85 tickets and no cup-holders.

Hockey Bio-Terror Alert

The hidden dangers that can maim even kill a hockey player.
What's growing on your hockey gear? Hockey Hangout asked this in a recent press release promoting their equipment drying and organizational system. The answer; nasty bacteria that has hospitalized and literally threatened the life and limbs of hockey players at all levels including the NHL.

The NHL Left Speechless

The King of the hockey quote has left the building and has retired. Who will replace the King?
Who will call out a coach or call his GM cheap? Who will moan about rule changes and slander owners? Where, in fact, will the next crop of talkers/loudmouths come from?

The Hockey Poll Report

Two new polls ranking the top teams have just come out one for the Pro game and one covering the colleges who have started their season also.

Hockey, it's good for you.

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