Monday, October 10, 2005

Desperate Hockey Housewives

...and girlfriends too.

Some (many?) of the wives and girlfriends of Hockey loving guys out there are sadly missing what was for them was the wonderful season of no hockey that they experienced last year. Now they're bumming while their spouses/boyfriends are cheering because...

"During hockey season, our life is totally taken over by hockey and I didn't realize how badly that was happening, until the strike came along," Lauren Burrows, who is engaged to a hockey fanatic, says.

"And then all of a sudden there was this beautiful freedom from hockey that I didn't know that I needed."

"I can't say that our relationship is in trouble, but I must say that watching hockey several nights a week, including the nights that he goes to play hockey, can get a little boring," Burrows says.

With their husbands distracted, like-minded women are even seeking out support in online forums.
Dr. oddmanrush's advice to Hockey lovers caught in these types of totally dysfunctional relationships is to........ RUN !!! Find yourself someone who's as passionate, committed and crazed as you are about this sport. They are out there. It might not be easy to find them but it's totally worth the effort. I know because I was lucky and blessed enough to find one. If a goofball puckhead like I can do it... so can you.

Hockey loving women are the best, DON'T settle for less.

GAME RECAPS for Sunday 10-10-05.


Limey said...

The wife knows the entire Ducks roster and can rattle on for hours about the game we love.

No one deserves to be this lucky.

br. t. said...

I know what you mean, Limey. I feel for those less fortunate, may God have mercy on them.

I count my blessings that my wife's a Hockey nut too.

Bryant said...

Too true! My wife actually introduced me to hockey; before that I didn't care for sports much at all. We've been married for almost eight years now and the kids love going to games too (they just get mad when hockey is on TV instead of SpongeBob).

The Acid Queen said...

Yo chief, what about those of us women who are hockey fans and married to guys who hate the sport?

Equal time, and all that.