Saturday, October 15, 2005

The New NHL... Fan's are LOVING It

Two New Polls Give Two Thumbs UP

Decima Research and the National Hockey League Fans' Association recently completed polling of over 3,400 North American Hockey fans and the results were very positive to say the least.
"People are neither dismissive nor cynical," Decima CEO Bruce Anderson said Friday. "They believe that the changes will matter and some of the early evidence, such as the rate of goal-scoring, bears out their expectations."

The poll found 600 respondents - or 40 per cent - who regarded themselves as typical fans of the game. Among those fans, 67 per cent said the new rules will make the NHL more exciting to watch and 81 per cent said their curiosity has been piqued to see how the rules play out over the course of a full season.

In addition to Decima's random poll, the same survey went to the 28,000-member base of the independently run NHLFA. Among the association's 1,900 online replies, the responses from what Decima describes as the "hardcore fan" were equally favourable.
Here's some highlights from the survey:

- 80 per cent of those surveyed approve the stiff new penalties for diving (82 per cent of "hardcore" fans like it)

- 74 per cent like that two-line passes are now allowed (86 per cent of hardcore)

- 68 per cent like the smaller goalie equipment (86 per cent of hardcore)

- 60 per cent like the larger offensive zones (78 per cent of hardcore)

- 54 per cent approved the use of shootouts to settle games tied after regulation (60 per cent of hardcore)

The only rule change among the 10 surveyed that didn't win a positive review is the one limiting the area where goaltenders can handle the puck.
I find it somewhat amazing that "hardcore fans" seem to be even more receptive to the new changes than the casual fans. All in all these polls are just two more signs that the NHL is roaring back.


NHL Public Enemy #1 gets Schnozz Slammed !!!
You can bet there was a collective cheer later in the day from Maltby's peers around the league when they finally had the opportunity to watch the video of the roundhouse left hook that pancaked Avery's nose in the waning moments of the Red Wings' 5-2 victory over the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center.

His schtick obviously having worn thin throughout the league, Avery has become the most targeted man in hockey.
I'd have to whole heartily agree, that schtick of his has worn extremely thin. Thinner than Kate Moss ...if you can imagine that.

GAME RECAPS for 10-14-05

1986-87 - 7.4 - The Golden Era
2003-04 - 5.1 - The Dead Puck Era
10/14/5 - 7.6 - Last night's games

* Last night was the first time since I started running this little feature that the GPG got into Golden Era territory. The first of many visits I hope.

I'd like to close by sending a shoutout to my buddy Tom for being a dedicated fan of this blog, glad to be of service my friend... and to everyone else who's been stopping by... Thanks.

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