Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Hockey Tragedy

Lord Have Mercy

We all know how Hockey can be a dangerously violent sport where terrible injuries can sometimes happen... even during routine play. All of us hope and pray that these types of injuries never happen, unfortunately this was just such a case where it did happen and the results are sadly tragic.
Mongrain said the Moncton players are trying to come to terms with what happened. He said psychologists have met with the team in group sessions, but the shock of Savage's injury is having a profound effect.

Team captain Scott Toner said each player is dealing with the tragedy in his own way.

"You hear about these things but I don't know if anybody on our team has ever experienced something like this with another team or even in life with a loved one," Toner said.

"It's so tough when the guy sitting next to you might never do that again."
If you have a moment to spare I encourage you send a prayer or thought to Sebastien, his family and his teammates. There's powerful mysterious mojo in heartfelt prayer and you can never underestimate it's ability to help comfort and heal.

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