Thursday, December 08, 2005

U.S. Super Squad

Gets Ready for World Tournament

The American Junior team may have the greatest collection of talent ever assembled as it heads north to Canada with high expectations of winning a World Championship. is here, at the U-20 level, where the first real bumper crop of talent is ready to be harvested. The 22-man American squad will feature 18 NHL draft picks, four 2006 eligibles, and previously unimaginable depth across the board.

"Our talent is so much deeper than before," Kyle said in a telephone press conference. "We had to cut a number of [NHL] first-rounders from this team. That's never happened before."

It's also a team that's properly motivated. The stands at last year's tournament in Grand Forks, N.D., were filled with red and white sweaters, the rink becoming an extension of Canadian soil as the Canadians celebrated a gold-medal win over Russia, while the U.S. squad failed to medal. Gaining revenge in Vancouver is clearly a priority for the U.S.

"We're going up there to defend something we lost last year," says Jim Johansson, USA Hockey's senior director of hockey operations.
Good Luck Boys.

Buzzing the net:

  • For the first time in nearly two decades all the Canadian teams could end up in the playoffs.

  • Hockey tales from a simpler time and place.

  • I just love all the various mutations of the sport that people have come up with to compete at including… Sled Hockey.

  • Some think although it's down now eventually we’ll see more fighting in the NHL as the season progress with it’s rival intense schedule.

  • Guess what’s sneaking back into the game… The Trap.... YIKES!

  • Police Blotter Hockey:

    Team foils bar holdup.

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