Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Penguin Exodus

Where o where will they end up ???

Whatever you do don't worry about them because lots of places would love to give them a good home.
Mario Lemieux has hammered the For Sale sign into the Pittsburgh Penguins' proverbial front lawn and speculation has already started.

Could the "Return of the Winnipeg Jets Campaign" finally bear fruit? Would the Penguins move from one Steeltown to another? Does the NHL adore Quebec City? And what about new possibilities on the NHL map, places like Houston, Las Vegas and Kansas City?
Well, while they look for that new home they're searching for maybe they'll be able to catch and devour that RED HERRING the NHLPA just released.
Trent Klatt, a former Los Angeles Kings forward and a onetime NHLPA vice-president who is among more than 100 players who have contested Saskin's hiring, said the announcement that the league is increasing revenue is designed to take the attention away from the controversy.

"It's a red herring," Klatt said yesterday. "Revenue has nothing to do with why we're here. We need to tell the players the truth and the (player) agents are another tool we can use to get that information to them."
By what I understand Penguins LOVE to eat Red Herrring and hopefully they'll make short work of this one.

In another development related to the dispute over Saskin's hiring, prominent NHL agent Mike Liut, a former goalie who was a member of the players' committee that originally hired former NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow, contends Saskin has the support of less than half the league's 700-some players, and that several hundred players may consider mounting a bid to decertify the union because of the controversy.
Now there's an idea maybe worth looking at... union decertification.

********* PENGUIN EXODUS NEWS UPDATE *********
Deal possibly in place to save the Pitt. Pens
Just days after Mario Lemieux struck fear in the hearts of Pittsburgh hockey fans, suggesting it may be too late to keep his team in town, KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan has learned about a new deal that could keep the Pens here for a long time.

Under an "agreement of terms" reached yesterday with city and county leaders, the Penguins will get development rights to the current Mellon Arena site if the team can come up with $300 million to build a new arena.



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    Michael said...

    Good job. You've redeemed yourself with the Pens update.

    Steve C said...

    Union decertification? Do you work for the owners?

    You'd better not say that too loudly or Terrible Ted Lindsey will come looking for you.

    br. t. said...

    Hey guys good to see you again. Thanks for stopping by.

    Aaaah... NO... I don't work for the owners and ...YES... I'm a pro-union kind of guy, just like my daddy and his daddy before him. You know, those guys who fought for the concept of a couple of days off a week and keeping kids out of factories.

    Anyways, If the threat of decertification is the only way to make sure a legal procedure was followed in choosing the new leader of the union than I'm all for it. There seems to be something rotten in Denmark concerning the way Saskin was installed that arguably wasn't completely kosher and I personally side with the dissidents within the NHLPA who are challenging the legitimacy of the procedure.