Friday, December 16, 2005

The Big Six

Here's a look at the top Hockey playing countries and their chances at the upcoming Olympics in Turin, Italy.
We're less than a week away from the United States and Canada naming their Olympic hockey rosters (Dec. 19 for the U.S., the 22nd for the Canadians). It should be a tough tournament for both teams, who will vie with 10 other countries for medals. Others in the tournament include likely quarterfinalists Slovakia and Germany as well as Italy, Switzerland, Latvia and Kazakhstan.
Basically things are looking pretty good for the Canadians... not so good for the Americans.

In Other News:

  • The Habs say they ONLY accept advertising for products they use.

    "Alright, boys! Let's keep it up!"

    caption courtesy of Michael from over at
    Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic.
    Thanks Mike.

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  • Hockey nerds, this one's for you... (scroll down)
  • NHL Tilts Toward the Wealthy
  • Who's Next to be Fired ?

  • International Police Blotter Hockey:

    Drunk Russian Hockey Fans Hijack Train


    Metzger said...

    I think that article is really underestimating Canada's capabilities. They have to be favored over the Czechs at this point.

    Michael said...

    Allow me to fill in for your lack of a photo caption in Montreal.

    "Alright, boys! Let's keep it up!"

    Your welcome.

    br. t. said...

    BINGO! We have a winner.

    Thanks Michael, I'm using it.

    Julia said...

    I knew there was a good reason to like Viagra. Thanks for stopping by Odd Man.