Monday, December 12, 2005

NOT Your Typical Hockey Player

I love seeing "characters" make it in the NHL. Players who express and/or conduct themselves a little differently than the norm, true individuals who walk their own path. The NHL has a long tradition of having "characters" playing in their league and here's a new one who in addition to definitely skating to the beat of his own drummer also happened to set a NHL record recently.
(he).. is wearing a shockingly bright white track suit, drawing attention to the diamond stud earring flashing from his right ear lobe. The look is in stark contrast to the standard jeans-sweatshirt-ball cap outfit favoured by most NHL players on practice days.

...Over the years, the culture of hockey has created a "one for all and all for one" mantra as a necessary part of teamwork. That has tended to breed conservatism in players away from the ice. With a few exceptions, players generally dress, walk and talk from the same playbook.

Then there's Emery.
I think the NHL would help itself greatly if it would do more to highlight and promote the various characters like Ray Emery that are and have always been so much a part of the game of hockey.


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