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Hope you're having a great Year....


2005 mercifully comes to a end...
Because the lockout wiped out all but three months of last season, the NHL has little reason to look back on 2005.
A look ahead is more in order.
It's no surprise that the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers are neck-and-neck atop the Eastern Conference and are already on a collision course for the right to go to the Stanley Cup finals.
What has raised eyebrows are the teams right on their heels.
Read the rest about hockey in 2K6 >>>>>>>>>>>>> here.

My own team the Av's are floundering (and I do mean floundering) around the .500 mark and I don't see much improvement coming from them unless Pierre Lacroix pulls a rabbit.... errr I mean a Luongo out of his hat. He's worked magic before to conjure up Cup Champs and we true believers trust in his powers to do it again. A good friend of the blog sent me this beautiful good luck charm to help out the cause. It's much appreciated (Av's win 5-2 on the road, I do believe the charm is already working).

Here's some hockey stories that would be pretty cool to see in print next year but most likely we won't.

Like this gem...
June: Los Angeles defeats Montreal for its first Stanley Cup. But Jeremy Roenick sulks when he doesn't win the Conn Smythe Trophy and the victory parade gets separated by smog and bad L.A. freeway traffic. The Cup ends up at a roadhouse in Cucamonga.
or this one..
December: Rather than be shamed by the coming 40th anniversary of the Leafs most recent championship, MLSEL cashes in. All season-ticket renewals get a 1967 retro Leafs sweater, a shaker snow globe of George Armstrong's Cup-winning goal and a 40th anniversary DVD of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Actually that last one might not be too far fetched.

For my Canadian friends looking for a more general sports overview of the year that just was check out.... The Year That Sucked.
If they auctioned off a century's worth of "years in sports" do you think anyone would bid a plug nickel on 2005?
We can suppose Gary Bettman would be in there bobbing his head at the auctioneer. How about Dick Pound? Maybe Steve Nash. Roger Federer. Sid the Kid, of course. Damon Allen. Tiger Woods, but he would be bidding for every year.
Who else? Anybody? And if so, why?
If ever there was a year that cried out to have its knuckles rapped or maybe even do some hard prison time, this was it.
I couldn't agree more.

Other Year End Puck Stuff

  • Stick(er) SHOCK
  • SHOOTOUT Science
  • The RISE of U.S. Talent
  • From NASCAR to Hockey Coach
  • More Women are... PLAYING ...Hockey
  • Finally this last one is non-hockey related... it just cracks me up. Most cops I think would've simply started blasting the little buggers away. What a sight that would've been... eh?

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Everybody Wang Chung tonight and don't forget to add a leap second to your countdown to 2006. Here's Steve Martin (chanelling Bill O'Reilly) explaining why the leap second is a anti-american plot... HA!

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