Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Speaking of...

Don Cherry (the real one).

He's going to be paired up with Brett Hull for some TV segments during the playoffs. That should prove interesting... to say the least.
Cherry has been at this TV game for decades, while Hull is just starting out. The two networks are planning to put them together for shared segments during the championship series.

"We're ready, we're ready," said Cherry. He wouldn't like to be permanently separated from Coach's Corner foil Ron MacLean, however.

"I'll stick with him," said Cherry. "He keeps me on the right track." Hull says the playoff pairings will offer some exciting hockey.

"Keep the penalties down, eh?" interjected Cherry.

"Let them play hockey," Hull chimed in.

"I've been a fan of Don's for a long time so any advice I can get I'll take," said Hull. "You don't become an icon just because you dress nice."

Said Cherry: "From what I read, you don't need any advice, and you've got more hair than your dad."

Hull was asked if American hockey fans are ready for Cherry.

"I think they are," he said. "That's a part of the thing that's missing in all coverage, not just hockey, in the American sports world -- some personality."

That's why football commentator Terry Bradshaw is as popular as he is, said Hull. Cherry could have the same stature south of the border as he does in Canada, said Hull.
Yeah, I think so too. I'm looking forward to seeing Cherry and Hull go at it. Interjecting personalities like these two into the proceedings can't help but improve the insights and enertainment element of the playoff coverage.

Then again, it could all end up being a train wreck. But, that'd be entertaining too.

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