Monday, April 16, 2007

Boyz From the Hood

A tale of two players from the same Montreal neighborhood who made it to the big time.

Now both are in the running for the top award the league gives for stellar play at their position.

I sure hope Roberto's mother survives the close race that it's become between her son and that other kid from the block.

Speaking of Roberto. Here's a message of inspiration and praise from the Canucks First Church of Lord Stanley...

Obviously the worshippers of the Canuck faith feel Roberto's the chosen one who's destined to lead them to the promised land.

Well, we shall see. It's a loooong hard road to Cup nirvana and it's littered with the remains of many failed chosen ones that have come before. However, so far, so good (actually, real good) for Roberto and his efforts in leading his team towards... The Cup.

Aaaah, speaking of the Canuck faithfull. Here's a couple of those wacky true believers singing about the team of their worship and devotion...

Hmmm, for some reason, the word Vansterdam comes to my mind after watching that.

Anyways, Rock on boys, love the guitar... and the mullets.

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