Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haunted Hockey

Some hockey players and fans have had trouble staying away from the grand old Wild Rose Arena in Alberta ...even after they've passed away.
Hell, that goddamn thing even is allegedly haunted. The rink guys say that the players doors and penalty doors swing on their own. There's an old couple that sit in the stands at night watching games played half a century ago. A small kid runs around yelling for hours on end. And there is one man who stands in the northeast corner, a solitary figure watching games from a bygone era, where helmets weren't mandatory, they were frowned upon. When goalies couldn't go down, where sticks were made out of a log. Whether these are true or not is up to you to decide.
They've even brought in a psychic profiler to investigate the strange going ons at the Wild Rose....

Now that's what I call some serious hockey... deadication.

Unfortunately the Wild Rose Arena will soon be demolished. May it and the spirits that have resided there all these years... R.I.P.

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