Thursday, March 22, 2007

Holey Hockey Sticks, Batman!

Pavel Datsyuk is using a secret weapon this season which soon will be made available to all players as we continue to witness the evolution of hockey take place before our very eyes.
Like all NHL players, Pavel Datsyuk has his choice of hockey sticks. When Reebok offered a new stick with holes in it, the Detroit Red Wings center didn't know what to think - but was excited to try it.

Datsyuk has been using the stick with seven strategically placed holes toward the bottom of the shaft since December. He says it has improved his game and enticed him to put more shots on goal.

The holes are meant to reduce wind resistance by more than 20 percent. And Datsyuk says it has made his shot more powerful and allowed him to block shots without breaking his stick during the middle of a shift.

However, there is one problem with the stick: "Now it's colored green and black," he said, jokingly. "What I need is (one that's) colored red and black because I'm on the Red Wings."

Datsyuk was the first to adopt the stick, but others are slowly following suit. And more converts are likely after the stick's retail launch in May. In the meantime, Datsyuk isn't lending his out.

"(It's a) big secret, I don't give it to nobody - it's mine," he said, adding that the new, light and whippy sticks are far from the wood ones with big curves he used growing up in Russia. "It's a big progress for sticks. It's what I needed."
With the introduction of new uniforms and now new sticks happening soon it kind of makes you wonder... what's freakin next?

Maybe this.


Anonymous said...

turbo skates

oddmanrush said...

Right on, bro.