Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tales of Stanley

NO, I'm not referring to tales about the Cup, but to tales about the kid. Scotty Bowman's kid... Stanley.
And Bowman, his successor behind the bench, proceeded to talk in that cubbyhole about his son Stanley, named after the Stanley Cup, and how, at 19, this was his son's first chance to be in the building to help his old man celebrate a championship.

And of the overwhelming sense of pride he felt at that moment.

"He's 33 now and works for Dale Tallon and the Chicago Blackhawks,'' says Scotty Bowman, dry and dressed in a suit, more than 13 years after that magical night in the Windy City. "But let me tell you another story about Stanley.

It might've been, oh, 1973. He was two or three years old at the time. And we'd always called him not just Stanley, but Stanley Cup. As a nickname, a little joke. Anyway, he and I went out to get a licence for something for him, I think it was, in this little truck I used to have.

"And to get the licence, I had to give them his entire name, so I told them: Stanley Glenn -- his second name is for Glenn Hall.

"Anyway, as we're heading outside to get into the truck and go home, he starts to cry. The tears are rolling down his cheeks. So I asked him 'Hey, what's the matter?' And he looked at me and said 'I thought my name was Stanley Cup . . . ' "
Poor kid.

But hey, what a great hockey name Scotty gave his kid nevertheless. Stanley, after the Cup, Glenn, after hockey great Glenn Hall and finally Bowman, a name rich in hockey history and lore. Consider yourself truly blessed Stan.

I'm sure you already do.

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