Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sex + Stanley Cup = Baby Boom

Nine months after the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, numerous current or former Hurricanes couples... are about to become parents.
Anne Adams, the only one expecting her first child, said she has heard the inevitable jokes about how much fun they must have had celebrating the Cup win.

"Everyone's like, 'Is there something in the water?' " she said. "Everyone was partying this summer. ... It just seemed like good timing. Craig signed a new contract. We had the greatest summer of our lives. Maybe it's now time to start trying."
Aaaah, I don't think it's because there was something in the water they were drinking. I think it had more to do with what was being put in the Stanley Cup that they were drinking from that led to all these babies being concieved... and I don't think it was water.

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