Monday, February 26, 2007

Sabre Fans $tand By Their Man

Some of the Sabre faithful have announced that they're willing to step up and pay the fine recently given by the NHL to their coach Lindy Ruff as a result of his actions regarding the brawl last week in Buffalo.
Don't worry, Lindy, Buffalo Sabres fans are prepared to pick up your $10,000 fine from the NHL.

That's the message Lindy Ruff received Monday when at least two separate fan-based fundraisers were launched to pay the fine against the coach for his role in a wild brawl that broke out during a game against Ottawa last week.

"Put down the pen, put away the checkbook. This one's on us," said Chris Phillips, co-owner of a Buffalo-area pizza parlor, who plans to donate 10 percent of every sale toward what he called, The Lindy Ruff Fine Fund.

"I know Lindy's got the means to pay. But it's just kind of an outrage," Phillips said. "This is our way of supporting the team."

Phillips is among a growing group of Sabres fans unhappy with the league for choosing not to penalize Ottawa's Chris Neil, who knocked out and bloodied Sabres co-captain and leading scorer Chris Drury with a blindside hit during Buffalo's 6-5 shootout win over the Senators on Thursday.

Ruff was fined for helping spark the brawl, which started after the ensuing face off, by sending out his three toughest forwards against Ottawa's top line. Ruff also acknowledged he was at least thinking, "Go out and run 'em," when he sent out his players.
Nothing pulls a team or a community together like a commonly shared outrage. With all the injuries the Sabres are dealing with any energy they can get from the fans and the players as a result of the events last week in Buffalo will be greatly needed to help them over this hump.

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