Friday, February 02, 2007

OK Boys, Here's The Plan...

Sounds good to me coach. Let's go!

Speaking of executing a good plan:

Here's the best NHL team in the final minute of play.
The Devils lead the NHL in scoring game-tying goals in the final minute. Zack Parise’s tally with 32 seconds left in regulation Thursday night in Philadelphia marked the 27th time this season a team has scored a goal in the final minute to force overtime. The Devils have done it five times, by far the most in the league — five teams have done it twice and 12 others once each. Two of the Devils’ five last-minute tying goals have come against the Flyers. New Jersey’s Brian Gionta has three of the five goals, and New Jersey has won four of the five games in which it rallied to force overtime. In all, the teams that scored to tie the game and force OT have gotten a boost: They’re 18-0-9 in the 27 games.
Obviously the Devils have been pretty good at following "the plan."

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