Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Big Snake

Clash of the Titans

Ever since I did a post on Robin Big Snake (coolest name in hockey) about a year ago it seems a week doesn't go by without a few people stopping by here searching for that piece or other stuff on their hero. It may be the single largest search demographic the Oddman enjoys. Big Snake fans.

So, this one is for you guys...

Brendan "Butterbean" Tedstone
Robin Big Snake

Heavyweight vs Super Heavyweight

Good Lord... 375 LBS!

Big Snake Rules, of course.


Patrick Kissane said...

My family are Season tix holders for the Wolves, the Admirals and the Ice Hogs. Robin Big Snake is wonderful to see and even hear (his name). But I fell for Tedstone when I first saw him. I can't wait till Utica plays the Hogs or the Hounds. We'll probably be one of the few people cheering for Tedstone

oddmanrush said...

He didn't look to me in that clip to be a particularly good fighter. His balance was terrible, which he appeared to lose a couple of times before finally going down. Am I missing something here or was his poor performance simply due to the superiority of Big Snake?

At 375 lbs I'd hate to have to collide with him along the boards. Does he play at all or is he just sent out to fight?